8 de juny 2009

Menu a la carte Summer 2009

Something to nibble on

Cured Iberian ham and toasted bread slices with tomato spread.
Cantabrian1 Anchovies.
Snails house style.

(1) Cantabrian: related to the Bay of Biscay on the north-west of Spain.

Our starters

Cream of courgette soup with fresh foie, fried leeks and pink pepper oil.
Roast peppers color contrast with sea trout caviar and aborigine mousse.
Prawn salad with red fruits and raspberry vinaigrette sauce.
Caramelized foie with quince coulis and wild mushrooms.
Goat cheese salad with honey vinaigrette sauce, dried fruits and nuts.
Foie sweets breadcrumbed with candied almonds in balsamic oil and flower salt vanille.
Falvour salad with grilled scallops and Arbequina2 oil.
Small squids sauté with wild asparagus.
Vegetables risotto.
Small squids in their ink risotto.

(2) Arbequina: a very small olive, oval and symmetric shape, thin skin and shiny black color once it is ripen.


Loin of cod with Sobrassada3 and parmesan cheese served on a potato emulsion and vanilla aroma.
Loin of cod with housemade Ratatouille.
Loin of cod with macerated fruits and vegetables.
Loin of cod with macerated potatoes and rosemary honey sauce.
Turbot with wild asparagus and apple vinaigrette sauce.
Sea bass in the oven with snow peas and salted pork.
Angler fish with clams and prawn sauce.

(3)Sobrasada: Majorcan cured pork sausage with paprika.


Crunchy pig's trotters with courgette and mushrooms faggotino.
Duck confit with apples sautée, raisins and pines vinaigrette sauce.
Suckling pig tenderloin medallion with fig sauttée and fresh foie.
Beef tenderloin with truffle sauce and straw potatoes.
Magret of duck with mango chutney and Oporto sauce.
Beef tenderloin medallion with blackberry sauce and goat cheese faggotino.
Fresh foie with peach carpaccio.

Grillet meat

Veal entrecote.
Beef sirloin

Our desserts

Caramelized mango with hazelnut muesli, iogurt from la Cerdanya4 and strawberry coulis.
Chocolate coulant with pine ice-cream and its praline.
Catalan cream emulsion with lime jelly and sweet ice-cream.
Coconut soap with exotic spieces ice-cream.
Brownie with fresh mint iogurt and orange sauce.
Ice-creams and mousses sequence.
Cheeses assortment.

(4) Cerdanya: North of Catalonia region.